JN Software Consulting provides customized software training, consulting, custom database and Excel development for individuals and groups in companies and small businesses in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada.

Online or on site, JN Software Consulting clients:

  • Learn skills specifically required for their work.
  • Concentrate on developing their computer ability, not someone else's.
  • Feel good about improving their technology ability and confidence.
  • Make software work for them.

Our clients know that:

  • Adding a new computer skill makes everyone's job easier and opens up new opportunities.
  • Building an easy-to-navigate, searchable website positions a company ahead of the competition.
  • Up-to-date data that's organized and searchable in a custom database saves your business time and money.

We have worked with businesses in industries including:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Banking
  • Child Care
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Software
  • Health Care
  • Professional Services

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Create boilerplate text to insert into e-mail messages

Do you have boilerplate text -- such as a description of your business or background -- that you insert often into e-mail messages, but not every time like a signature? If so, you'll welcome one of Outlook 2007's lesser-known features -- Quick Parts, which is also included in Word 2007. You can use Quick Parts to insert images, text or a combination of the two. To use it, do the following:

  1. Create a new e-mail message.
  2. Write the boilerplate text and/or insert the boilerplate graphic.
  3. Select the text and/or graphic, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and select Quick Parts --> Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.
  4. In the screen that appears, type in a descriptive name for the text or graphic in the Name field. Type in a description of the Quick Part in the Description field. Don't change any other fields. Click OK.
  5. When you want to insert the Quick Part into an e-mail message, click Insert from the Ribbon, click Quick Parts, scroll to the Quick Part you want to insert, and click it.
Note that Quick Parts are not shared between Word and Outlook, so you have to create separate ones for each application. (Outlook Quick Parts are stored in NormalE-mail.dotm, while those for Word are stored in Normal.dotm.)