Becoming a Pro with Power BI

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)
This course focuses on Power BI Desktop and expands on the concepts learned from The Fundamentals of Power BI course. Participants will delve further into the Power Query Editor, Data Modeling, DAX functions, and creating more complex Reports. A variety of practical examples are used throughout the course.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Explain the ETL process
  • Understand Data Modeling
  • Define and manage relationships
  • Use Quick measures and Time Intelligence functions
  • Create reports using visual Hierarchies, Drill Downs and Slicers
  • Create Bookmarks
  • Use Parameters, filters, and Conditional formatting in reports
  • Work with additional built-in analytical tools
Target Student:
The course is targeted towards business analysts, business intelligence developers, and reporting professionals.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Power Query Editor
Review the ETL Process
Column profile, distribution, and quality
Insert columns using different methods
Work with query parameters
Debug errors
Fuzzy Match
Duplicate versus Reference Queries
Set Query Options
Query Dependencies

Section 2: Data Modeling
What is Data Modelling?
Model Relationships
Modeling Options
Convert flat file into Data Model
What is Star Schema?
Understand relationship types
One to one
Many to many
Active versus inactive

Section 3: DAX
Quick measures
Time Intelligence functions
Create Date table
Work with Time Dependent Data
Compute visual totals accurately

Section 4: Reports
Filters versus Slicers
Creating hierarchies
Visual Hierarchies and Drill downs
Drill through
Apply Conditional formatting
Define visual interactions
Use Analytics pane
Insert Objects
Create Bookmarks
Create Key Influencer and other new visuals
Analyze Visual Data
Becoming a Pro with Power BI

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