Creating Accessible Visio Diagrams

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Versions: 2012, 2016 and Online
(NOTE: Some ‘tools’ are only available with the Online version)

Learning Objectives:
Students will review and discuss elements of basic accessibility and then move into the key components of a VISIO diagram in it’s native format and then when it is produced as a PDF file.

Target Student:
This course is to provide attendees with the basic concepts and compliances to meet current accessibility dictated by government branches.

Course Outline:
Section 1: What is Accessibility?
How does an accessible document affect visually, physically, and functionally challenged people?
What is the AODA in Ontario? How and when do I have to comply?
What is Section 508 and why does it relate to me?

Section 2: Editing
Font selection - why is it important? Understanding spacing, italics, underlining and headings
Colour and Contrast. What are the AA and AAA standards and how do I measure colour and contrast in my document? What about coloured images?
Common Language, making ‘sense’ for everyone. At this point each attendee will discuss what ‘grade-level’ is and how their organizations should establish a ‘level’ for its authors and for the individuals that will use those documents. Attendees will see and discuss the Gunning Fox Index and other reading level algorithms
Page numbering, the rights and the wrongs

Section 3: Essential Planning
Understanding reading order and assistive technologies when creating your diagram
The importance of using built-in templates and stencils
Layering your diagram…looks good but is not accessible…flatten it!
Using Bullets and numbered lists correctly

Section 4: Entries
Creating high quality alternate text entries
Images and Alternate text, the NO LOGO method
Tables and Charts, alternate text that offers understanding of what people can’t see

Section 5: Metadata
The hidden elements of Metadata
Adding essential fields for Author, title, subject and language

Section 6
The importance of Hyperlinking in a Visio diagram that is accessible, the CLICK here dilemma
Using the ‘Screen Tips’ effectively

Section 7: The Final Check
Checking Spelling and grammar
Checking with Assistive Technologies and the SPEAK Feature (On-Line only)
Building a Custom Accessibility Toolbar

Attendees will create and then use a custom Office ribbon (On site training only)
Creating Accessible Visio Diagrams

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