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Custom Database Solutions

JN Software provides database development services to clients large and small across Canada. Our development approach follows three core principles.


A custom solution designed around how you do business that makes your database work for you.


Built on platforms that make it easy to rapidly enhance, adjust and expand your database as your organization and needs evolve.


Get it done faster at a fraction of the cost of modifying inflexible systems from big enterprise software companies.

Trusted Experience

Our databases are helping...
  • Major corporations manage billions of dollars of business
  • Small businesses organize their data, saving time and money
  • Local businesses grow
  • National companies stay agile

Our Technology

Click on an image below to learn more about each type of database on which we work.
Rapidly deployed Access database solutions can help an individual or users on a local network.

Managing data
Crunching numbers
Sharing information
Centralizing processes
Automating tasks
Managing workflows
The security and speed of an SQL backend with the flexibility and rapid development of an Access frontend.

Sharing data between multiple locations
Ensuring security and data integrity
Use existing SQL Infrastructure or cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Azure
Our Dynaxis platform provides customizable integrated solutions for businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Leveraging your existing Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and SQL investments.

Trade management
Customer sales data analysis
Automation of inter and intra department communications
Approvals processes
Web-based databases accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Sharing information with external users
Connecting from anywhere in the world
Use on computers, tablets or phones
Small businesses who want SQL benefits without the infrastructure costs

Our Clients

Are people just like you. While the specific needs of your business may be different, and the solutions we create for you are unique, our approach to helping them and you is always the same. Review some of our past projects below and learn how we can help you.

Our Projects

Here are a few details about some of the projects we have completed for clients that are in use today.

Contract Management Database

Type: Access/Excel
Users: 200+
Locations: 20+
Key Metric: $2 Billion+ Tracked Annually
Key Innovation: Eliminated lag for remote users
Benefits to Organization: Data formerly tracked via shared Word document, now a searchable database editable by multiple users simultaneously

Broker Auditing & Invoicing

Type: Access
Users: 2-5
Locations: One
Key Metric: Inputs from dozens of suppliers combined into one database
Key Innovation: Maintained structure of existing Excel inputs and outputs
Benefits to Organization: Increased billing and payment accuracy and speed

Trade Management Tool

Type: Access/SQL/Excel/Outlook
Users: 90+
Locations: Nationwide
Key Metric: 95,000+ Promotions tracked each year
Key Innovation: Correlated data across multiple regions each with different data systems and processes
Benefits to Organization: Management has easy access to overview of company performance while automation of approval process and submissions to other departments saves time for sales staff

Delivery Processing Database

Type: Access/Excel
Users: 5-10
Locations: 7
Key Metric: 200,000 deliveries billed annually
Key Innovation: Dynamic billing options depending on region
Benefits to Organization: Automated upload and processing of data produced by other systems converts a formerly manual process that took users hours or days to complete and instead takes minutes.

Web Order Management

Type: Web
Users: 2
Locations: Accessible Anywhere
Key Metric: Tracking 1000’s of web orders for delivery to clients
Key Innovation: Customization built-in to work with how the user inputs and manage all the exceptions to the rules
Benefits to Organization: Previously they had to turn down work because they exceeded their capacity to manage these shipments manually. Their web database has allowed them to expand and take on more clients

HR Web Database

Type: Web
Users: 15-20
Locations: Accessible Anywhere
Key Metric: Tracking HR information for 5 companies, at over 10 sites, for more than 70 employees and 125 contractors
Key Innovation: Custom reminders ensure work gets done while history of all document uploads maintains compliance
Benefits to Organization: What used to be stored on multiple confusing spreadsheets accessible to only a few via VPN is now accessible online to all necessary users in one easy to use web database

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