QuickBooks Desktop Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
QuickBooks allows you to perform some more advanced tasks for receivables, payables, inventory & payroll. Simplify your business processes and increase business efficiency by utilizing these extremely useful features in your company.

Learning Objectives:
In the QuickBooks Level 2 course, you will learn how to set up your inventory, sell your products, handle all facets of payroll, and track your taxes. You will also learn how to save time by managing templates, customizing forms, and benefitting from the power of QuickBooks Insights graphs. You will:
  • Order products, and set up and receive inventory
  • Set price levels, create product invoices and apply credits
  • Set up employee payroll information
  • Write and print payroll cheques and stubs
  • Track your payroll tax liabilities
  • Customize forms and create Insights Graphs
  • Track and pay sales tax
Target Student:
Users who are familiar with QuickBooks and would like to implement its more advanced features such as editing, adjusting, and troubleshooting sales taxes, estimating jobs, and tracking time and expenses. This course is also for those who would like to increase efficiency by customizing forms and templates, and by performing advanced reporting functions.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Setting Up Inventory
Entering Products into Inventory
Ordering Products
Receiving Inventory
Paying for Inventory
Manually Adjusting Inventory

Section 2: Selling Your Product
Creating Product Invoices
Applying Credit to Invoices
Setting Price Levels
Making Cash Sales

Section 3: Using Payroll with QuickBooks
Using Payroll Tracking
Setting up for Payroll
Setting up Employee Payroll Information
Setting up a Payroll Schedule
Writing a Payroll Cheque
Printing Payroll Cheque Stubs
Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
Paying Your Payroll Taxes
Preparing Payroll Tax Forms

Section 4: Customizing Forms and Creating Graphs
Creating a Custom Template
Modifying a Template
Creating Quick Insight Graphs

Section 5: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
Setting up Tax Rates and Agencies
Applying Tax to Each Sale
Determining What You Owe
Paying Your Tax Agencies
Desktop Level 2 (Advanced)

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