Access 2013 Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Access is a powerful database program and the skills acquired in Access 2013 Level 1 provide a good base of knowledge. In this Microsoft Access 2013 course, students will delve deeper into the fundamentals of Access by creating different types of forms and reports, designing macros, and using database utilities to repair and analyze a database.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will create more advanced applications and build on the design of basic forms, reports and macros. You will:
  • Create Validation Rules for Tables
  • Use More Advanced Field Properties for Designing Tables
  • Design Interactive Forms
  • Create Reports That Use Built In Commands
  • Create Macros
  • Use Database Utilities to Analyze Quality and Effectiveness of a Database
Target Student:
This course is designed for the student who has a general and working knowledge of database programs, specifically Access. More advanced design properties enable the student to make effective use of Access’ powerful features.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Advanced Table Tasks
Inserting Application Parts
Using the Table Analyzer Wizard
Creating Validation Rules
Configuring Validation Messages

Section 2: Managing Data Entry in Tables
Marking Fields as Required
Marking a Field for Indexing
Creating Lookup Fields
Creating Value Lists
Creating Input Masks

Section 3: Creating Subforms
Creating and Using Subforms
Linking Subforms with Parent Forms
Formatting a Subform within a Main Form

Section 4: Creating Navigation Forms
Creating a Navigation Form
Adding Tabs to a Navigation Form
Creating a Tab Hierarchy in a Navigation Form
Automatically Displaying a Navigation Form when the Database Opens

Section 5: Advanced Query Tasks
Creating SQL Queries
Using the Expression Builder
Creating SQL Statements
Using SQL Keywords

Section 6: Creating Modal Dialog Boxes
Creating, Formatting and Modifying a Modal Dialog Box

Section 7: Splitting the Database
Backing up a Database
Splitting a Database
Configuring Access 2013 for a Multi-User Database
Setting Record Locking Options
Level 2 (Advanced)

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