Excel 2013 Level 3 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Excel 2013 has many new features that can be used to quickly analyze large amounts of financial information. Power Pivot enables users to combine data from multiple sources; Power View allows users to generate professional looking maps that indicate the location of data.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will interpret, analyze, and display data using the most up to date features designed to produce accurate financial statistics. You will:
  • Create Scenarios, Use Data Analysis Tools such as Goal Seek and Solver
  • Create Pivot Tables, Format Pivot Tables and Generate Charts Using Pivot Tables
  • Use Recommended Pivot Tables and Use Timeline and Slicer to filter Pivot Tables
  • Use Groups and Subtotals
  • Create Scenarios and Use Solver with Multiple Constraints and Options
  • Learn Why Macros are Useful
  • Create and Edit Basic Macros
  • Delete Macros
Target Student:
This course is for users are familiar with Excel, and who wish to expand their knowledge and use of advanced, time-saving features.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Managing Data
Consolidating Information
Removing Duplicates
Configuring Data
Transposing Data

Section 2: Outlining and Grouping Data
Outlining Data
Showing and Hiding Outline Details
Grouping Data
Creating Subtotals
Removing Outlining and Grouping

Section 3: Working with Scenarios
Creating Scenarios
Loading Scenarios
Merging Scenarios
Editing Scenarios
Creating a Scenario Summary Report
Deleting Scenarios

Section 4: Using Solver
Setting up the Worksheet
Running Solver
Generating Reports and Scenarios with Solver
Modifying Constraints
Setting Solver Options

Section 5: Using Conditional Formatting
Applying Conditional Formatting
Applying Multiple Rule Sets
Creating Custom Rule Sets
Viewing and Managing Rules
Clearing Custom Rules

Section 6: Working with Slicers
Inserting and Using a Slicer
Renaming the Slicer
Changing Slicer Settings
Formatting a Slicer
Clearing the Slicer

Section 7: Using Custom AutoFill Lists
Creating a Custom AutoFill List
Using a Custom AutoFill List
Modifying a Custom AutoFill List
Deleting a Custom AutoFill List

Section 8: Tracking Changes
Tracking Changes
Reviewing Changes
Setting Options for Tracking Changes
Stopping Tracking Changes

Section 9: Linking, Consolidating, and Combining Data
Linking Workbooks
Consolidating Workbooks
Consolidating Worksheets
Pivoting Consolidated Data

Section 10: Advanced Pivot Table Features
Creating a Basic Pivot Table
Creating a Basic Pivot Chart
Using the Pivot Table Fields Pane
Adding Calculated Fields
Sorting Pivoted Data
Filtering Pivoted Data

Section 11: Using Macros
Recording a Macro
Writing a Macro using the Visual Basic Editor
Editing a Macro
Running a Macro
Level 3 (Advanced)

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