Office Transition New Features 2007

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Designed for users currently using previous Microsoft Office Platform (Ms Office 2003 or earlier) who want a general overview of Office 2007.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
Lesson 1.1 Explore the User Interface
Lesson 1.2 Enhance Files
Lesson 1.3 Save Files

Section 2: Creating Professional-Looking Documents
Lesson 2.1 Apply a Cover Page
Lesson 2.2 Add Building Blocks
Lesson 2.3 Compare Reviewed Documents

Section 3: Enhancing Your Spreadsheets
Lesson 3.1 Organize Data
Lesson 3.2 Apply Conditional Formatting
Lesson 3.3 Apply a Formula
Lesson 3.4 Present Data

Section 4: Creating Dynamic Presentations
Lesson 4.1 Create Custom Slide Layouts
Lesson 4.2 Enhance Presentations with Graphic Effects
Lesson 4.3 Customize Slide Shows

Section 5: Working with Access 2007
Lesson 5.1 Create a Table
Lesson 5.2 Design a Form Layout
Lesson 5.3 Query a Database
Lesson 5.4 Generate Reports
Lesson 5.5 Work with External Data

Section 6: Working with Outlook 2007
Lesson 6.1 Locate Information Quickly
Lesson 6.2 Share Your Calendar Information
Lesson 6.3 Notify Others that You Will be Out Of Office
Lesson 6.4 Share Information Using Electronic Business Card
Lesson 6.5 Integrate Outlook with SharePoint Services
Lesson 6.6 Add RSS Feeds Through Outlook 2007
Office Transition New Features 2007

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