OneNote 2010 Complete

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
OneNote helps you keep track of stuff at work, home or school - meeting notes, projects, your big ideas, shopping lists, you name it. It works as an electronic "binder" that will allow you to create notes and add content including copied text, handwritten notes, pictures and videos, voice memos and screen captures.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will:
  • Create, save, open, close, and move around in OneNote notebooks
  • Select different views and obtain help
  • Insert and manage sections, pages, edit notebook properties
  • Insert various types of notes, and work with page versions and page spacing
  • Create links, and apply and manage note tags
  • Search notebooks to locate specific notes
  • Create shared notebooks, share existing notebooks, and work with others in shared notebooks simultaneously
  • Apply, create, and use various types of templates
  • Use various integration features that allow you to work with other programs, such as Office 2010 and Internet Explorer
Target Student:
This course is intended for business users, knowledge workers, students, and educators, in a variety of roles and fields who have competence in the Microsoft Office productivity suite, and who are now incorporating digital note-taking and note collaboration with Microsoft OneNote into their standard work environment while using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or other mobile device.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Starting Out
Lesson 1.1: Meeting Microsoft Office OneNote 2010
Lesson 1.2: Interacting with OneNote
Lesson 1.3: Working with Your Notebook
Lesson 1.4: Getting Help in OneNote

Section 2: Creating Notes
Lesson 2.1: Your First Notebook
Lesson 2.2: Working with Containers
Lesson 2.3: Formatting Text
Lesson 2.4: Formatting Paragraphs
Lesson 2.5: Creating an Outline with OneNote
Lesson 2.6: Doing Math with OneNote

Section 3: Adding Shapes and Images to Notes
Lesson 3.1: Drawing Shapes
Lesson 3.2: Working with Shapes
Lesson 3.3: Inserting Pictures
Lesson 3.4: Working with Pictures
Lesson 3.5: Advanced Picture Tasks

Section 4: Using Tables in OneNote
Lesson 4.1: Inserting Tables
Lesson 4.2: Working with Tables
Lesson 4.3: Formatting Tables

Section 5: Managing Notebooks
Lesson 5.1: Organizing Your Notes
Lesson 5.2: Working with Pages
Lesson 5.3: Working with Sections and Section Groups, Part 1
Lesson 5.4: Working with Sections and Section Groups, Part 2

Section 6: Customizing OneNote Pages
Lesson 6.1: Using Page Templates
Lesson 6.2: Changing Page Setup
Lesson 6.3: Customizing the Current Page

Section 7: Using Tags in OneNote
Lesson 7.1: Using Basic Tags
Lesson 7.2: Customizing Tags
Lesson 7.3: Searching for Tags

Section 8: Integration with OneNote
Lesson 8.1: Attaching Files to a Note
Lesson 8.2: Working with Hyperlinks
Lesson 8.3: Linking Notes
Lesson 8.4: Inserting Audio and Video Files
Lesson 8.5: Working with Audio and Video Files
Lesson 8.6: Sending Information to OneNote
Lesson 8.7: Using OneNote with Microsoft Outlook

Section 9: Advanced Topics
Lesson 9.1: Searching Your Notebook
Lesson 9.2: Working with Versions

Section 10: Sharing and Synchronizing OneNote Information
Lesson 10.1: Creating Shared Notebooks
Lesson 10.2: Collaboration Tools
Lesson 10.3: Keeping Notebooks Up to Date

Section 11: Searching, Viewing, and Printing Your Notebook
Lesson 11.1: Using Layouts and Views
Lesson 11.2: Docking OneNote to the Desktop
Lesson 11.3: Printing Your Notebook


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