Outlook 2010 Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Outlook is a very effective time management tool. Basic features can be used to communicate with others, organize messages, create appointments and add tasks and contacts. Outlook’s advanced features make it faster and easier to do all of these things.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will learn the advanced, time-saving features, and set defaults that enhance the use and effectiveness of Outlook. You will:
  • Create Rules in Mail
  • Create Quick Steps in Mail
  • Create Categories
  • Recall a Message in Mail
  • Use the Delay Send Feature in Mail
  • Use “Voting” Features in Mail
  • Create Search Folders
  • Use the Scheduling Assistant in Calendar
  • Modify Default Settings in the Backstage Menu
Target Student:
This course is designed for students who have some knowledge of Outlook or other Email programs and would like to make effective and efficient use of the time saving features that the advanced level has to offer.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Organizing Your E-mail, Part One
Lesson 1.1: Managing Folders
Lesson 1.2: Using the Favorites List
Lesson 1.3: Using Search Folders
Lesson 1.4: Searching in Outlook

Section 2: Organizing Your E-mail, Part Two
Lesson 2.1: Using Rules and Cleanup Tools
Lesson 2.2: Using Quick Steps
Lesson 2.3: Configuring Categories
Lesson 2.4: Managing Junk Mail

Section 3: Advanced E-Mail Features
Lesson 3.1: Customizing and Using Signatures
Lesson 3.2: Customizing and Using Stationery
Lesson 3.3: Attaching Items to an E-mail
Lesson 3.4: Changing Message Options
Lesson 3.5: Setting Advanced Message Options
Lesson 3.6: Using the Outlook Options Dialog

Section 4: Advanced Information Management Tools
Lesson 4.1: Advanced Calendar Options
Lesson 4.2: Advanced Task Options
Lesson 4.3: Advanced Contact Management Options
Lesson 4.4: Advanced View Options

Section 5: Advanced Topics
Lesson 5.1: Linking Items
Lesson 5.2: Custom Forms
Lesson 5.3: Publishing Your Calendar
Lesson 5.4: Using the Social Network Connector

Section 6: Data Management
Lesson 6.1: Using the Account Settings Window
Lesson 6.2: Using Personal Folders
Lesson 6.3: Managing Personal Folders
Lesson 6.4: Using Outlook Profiles

Level 2 (Advanced)

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