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Have you been asked to organize training?

JN Software Consulting works together with Managers, HR professionals or IT staff asked to organize training for their company or department. It can be a daunting task trying to figure out how to approach organizing this type of group training or even what the best solution is for your company and employees. JN Software provides the information you need to make the right decisions and the support you'll enjoy to lighten your load.


Our job is to help you with your job. We will walk you through the planning process, provide guidance on how best to achieve your goals and provide support services such as pre- and post-training questionnaires to take work off your plate.

Annual Contracts

Do you manage an annual training plan for your staff? Not only can we provide great prices but we also work with you to prepare your training plan and organize your sessions.

Volume Discounts

Not able to commit to an annual contract but have a large volume training each year? Our volume discount program gets you the best prices.

Our Process

Planning your training sessions is overseen by our Senior Training Manager Joy Neuhold. As a certified adult educator with over 15 years of experience in organizing training just like yours she helps you both directly and through her team of training managers. Our team is perfectly suited to guide you through each step of the process and provide valuable insight into how best to achieve your goals.

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

We identify and help you answer the most pertinent questions
  • How many need training?
  • On what software and version?
  • What are their goals?
  • What is their current skill level?
We can use a variety of tools to accomplish these tasks including email and phone discussions with key personnel, online questionnaires to gauge student interest and skill levels and discuss with you different ways to customize your session to help you achieve your training goals.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

Combining your identified needs with our list of services, we'll help you select the mix of our offerings that works best for your team and budget.
What type of training will benefit each student the most?
  • One-on-One (hands-on)
  • Group (hands-on)
  • Group (lecture style)
  • Onsite
  • Online
  • Or a mix of the above
What topics do they need to learn?
  • Standard Outlines
  • Customized Courses
  • A mixture of both
  • Combined with Consulting
What courseware works best for you?
  • PDF Manuals
  • Printed Manuals
  • Custom Manuals based on our objectives
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Subscription to our Online Video Library
  • Custom Handouts written just for you

Step 3: Arrange the Sessions

Timelines are set to ensure everything that needs to get done before a training session begins is completed. We can do as little or as much work in arranging your training sessions as you would like, including:
  • Slotting the correct students into each session depending on their needs and skills
  • Determining which dates work best for each student
  • Discussing how best to set up your training lab, boardroom or rented facility for maximum success
  • Planning custom exercises based on files the students use in their job
  • and more...

Step 4: Completion and Support

When our trainer arrives they will put you at ease as they get set up for the session. They want your training session to be successful and will support you during your day of training. Our training managers are always available on the day training is being delivered to provide support for any issues or requests you have.

After your session is complete each participant will benefit from 30 days of 24/7 after training support to help transition the skills they learned to their job. Our training managers make sure to follow up with you to ensure the success of not just this session but future ones as well. You can receive the results of an online post-training questionnaire that gauges student satisfaction and can help us both make informed decisions on how to improve future training sessions.

Our Clients

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients.

Learning and Development Department at National Retailer

Needs: The client wanted to run standard classes quarterly to their staff. They wanted to adjust the program on a quarterly level.
How We Help:
  • We helped them build their custom Excel classes to offer their employees, including full day sessions, full days broken into 2 custom topics, 1hr lunch and learns and other custom training sessions as the need comes up.
  • The client adds custom sessions on an as-needed basis such as upgrading to Outlook with several custom-made handouts.
  • They have also added a number of custom Excel sessions for 1 specific department including determining where students need to be placed with a questionnaire, custom manuals and custom files to be included in the training session.
Benefits: They benefit from contract pricing and can comfortably plan and adjust their offers as required. This is reviewed quarterly as their company continues to grow and change. Their employees are getting the latest skills and training.

Training Department at National Grocery Chain

Needs: Their internal trainer was retiring and they needed a new training vendor.
How We Help:
  • JN Software works with the client to book their training sessions a year in advance to advertise in their training magazine. JN Software also matches some custom outlines and makes recommendations for other courses.
  • The client offered standard classes in their training magazine as the courses were offered company wide. The client was able to add on additional custom classes as needed on demand.
  • JN Software’s services include custom and standard course outlines, custom and standard PDFs and printed manuals. Services are reviewed on demand and on a yearly basis.
Benefits: They save through contract pricing. The client can publish courses and dates on their yearly course magazine for their company. They added additional custom courses on an as-needed basis. As a contract client they receive great rates on their standard training and when they add additional courses.

IT Department at Investment Development Company

Needs: The client originally needed to offer 2 sets of 5 standard classes a year.
How We Help:
  • JN Software set up and ran the classes they requested.
  • They acquired other companies and JN Software was able to offer the same services to the additional companies.
  • Over time as their needs changed, they have dramatically increased their offerings and additionally are able to add training and consulting on an as-needed basis.
Benefits: The client has worry-free training at contract prices. JN Software is included in the planning process as their needs change and develop. They take training on a regular basis and their needs are addressed on an on-demand and yearly basis.

HR Department at National Construction Company

Needs: Microsoft Office training on demand.
How We Help:
  • JN Software offers training throughout the year as needed and requested by the client.
  • We customize the training as needed.
  • The client has added more sites to where JN Software does the training.
Benefits: On our volume discount program the client has great pricing and does not need to commit to a contract. They know they get the best service from JN Software Consulting.

HR Department at International Automotive Manufacturer

Needs: The client needed to book Office training for the whole company at 1 specific location. The client was concerned about how to organize it.
How We Help: We helped them:
  • Access the type of training they needed
  • Customize their course material
  • Confirm the needed setup for their conference room
  • Set up their evaluations online so they could access all the feedback as the sessions were going on.
Benefits: The client was able to complete worry-free Excel Level 1, 2 & 3 & PowerPoint Level 1 & 2 for hundreds of employees within their desired timeframe.

IT and HR Departments in International Energy Company

Needs: On demand training as the need arises
How We Help: When they upgraded from Lotus Notes to Outlook we:
  • Organized full training days that were broken down into 1hr sessions with the trainer
  • Customized outlines and course material to their needs
  • Included remote virtual employees in the training sessions
When they wanted to offer Excel training company wide we:
  • Determined the levels of training and where each employee fit
  • Created a custom training schedule so employees only missed ½ a day of work at a time but still completed all their training
  • Training sessions also included virtual students in other countries
Benefits: On our volume discount program the client knows they still get JN Software’s best service and support. They always enjoy worry-free training completed in their timeframe.

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