Software Training

Live in-person instructor-led private one-on-one and group training tailored to you and focusing on the files you use every day.
Learn more. Retain more. Apply more.
Never spend a day in a boring generic public class again.

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Custom Databases

Custom database development services for clients large and small across Canada.
Save time. Ensure accuracy. Collaborate effectively.
Get a solution built just for you.

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Software Consulting

Get help with your Microsoft, Adobe and other projects and benefit from our expertise.
Build solutions. Achieve goals. Save time.
Harness our skills for your purposes.

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How We Help


One-on-one training for you or group training with your colleagues on the Microsoft, Adobe and other programs that you use
  • Training tailored to the topics you need to lean
  • Learn using your own files, apply what you’re learning to your job
  • Support you in building or modifying your Access databases(Access Databases Page)
  • Consult (Consulting Landing Page with you on your Word, Excel or other Microsoft and Adobe projects

Managers and HR Professionals

  • Help you in planning and organizing your software training
    • Help you determine your training needs
    • Build a custom training plan
    • Help you choose the right mix of group or one-on-one training and training options (training materials, after-training support, etc)
    • Help organize staff into the training sessions
    • Evaluation to ensure effectiveness
    • Annual Training Contracts to reduce costs
    • Customize everything around what is most effective and helpful to you
  • Build database solutions that help your staff work faster, collaborate better and advance your business

IT Professionals

  • Get your company the software training it needs with the ROI you want
    • Book the right training for you company either online(Registration Page) or over the phone with one of our training managers
    • Select the most cost-effective training type for each of your needs
    • Work with your department in organizing and managing your software training

Small Business Owners

  • Provide tailored software training to any administrative staff you may have
  • Automate processes, track information and manage your business from anywhere with a customized web database
  • Empower your business with extra skills by outsourcing complex tasks to our expert consultants through our software consulting services

This will be a valuable tool in achieving my objectives this year. It has been a great experience.

Our Clients

Have questions – just like you
Face obstacles – just like you
Need to save time – just like you

Are individuals working in offices
Are teams and departments with specific needs
Are small businesses who want an edge
Are major corporations training hundreds of staff

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