The Fundamentals of Agile Practices

Course Length: 8 hours (1 day)
The first step in moving towards an agile transformation is laying down the ground work for basic vocabulary and a basic understanding of what Agile Practices are and are not. While many organizations lead implementation with tools and methods, they soon come to realize that without a basic understanding of what agile is and is not, their investment quickly becomes a liability. For any functional discipline with an organization to change, improve or progress at a sustainable rate, core values, core principles and cohesiveness are paramount.
Aligned with Scrum practices, our Getting to Know Agile 1 Day Workshop takes participants on a guided tour of the 3 fundamental tenants of Scrum Practices:
  • Principles
  • Aspects
  • Phases and Processes

  • This workshop will allow teams to consider Scrum practices and immediately start using some basic Scrum techniques.

    Learning Objectives:
    Successful completion of this course will enable participants to:
    • Articulate the differences between Agile and Waterfall project management methods
    • Determine which project method is appropriate – Agile or Waterfall
    • Adopt Agile Values
    • Identify Scrum Principles
    • Identify Scrum Aspects
    • Identify Scrum Phases and Processes
    • Conduct Basic Scrum Ceremonies
    • Write User Stories
    • Estimate User Stories
    • Prioritize User Stories
    Target Student:
    This workshop is designed for:
    • New Scrum Masters
    • New Product Owners
    • New Customer Relationship Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Business Unit Owners
    • Developers
    • Testers
    • Project Team Members
    • Team Managers
    • Team Leads
    • Technical Co-ordinators
    • Program & Portfolio Managers
    Do your teams have a burning desire to begin the Agile Journey? If so, this is the best starting point. There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

    Course Outline:
    PART 1 – The Experience Begins
    - Write the first user story - EXPERIENCE
    Understand workshop objectives
    - Set expectations and define the workshop experience
    Introduction to Scrum Certification Paths

    What does Agile / Agility mean to you – EXPERIENCE
    The Story of Agile – The Manifesto, Values, Principles, and Methods – LEARN
    The difference between “Doing” Agile and “Being” Agile - LEARN
    Waterfall versus Agile (Scrum) – When to Use and Why to Use - LEARN

    Scrum Overview - LEARN
    6 Scrum Principles – EXPERIENCE
    5 Scrum Aspects – EXPERIENCE
    - Scrum Roles
    5 Scrum Phases and 19 Processes – EXPERIENCE
    Scrum in Practice – EXPERIENCE
    - Running 5 Sprints

    Writing User Stories – LEARN / EXPERIENCE
    - Personas
    Prioritizing User Stories using MoSCoW - LEARN / EXPERIENCE
    Estimating User Stories - LEARN / EXPERIENCE
    Acceptance Criteria, Done Criteria and Definition of Done
    Backlog Refinement – LEARN

    Has your user story been completed? - EXPERIENCE
    What will you keep doing, what will you stop doing and what will you start doing? - EXPERIENCE
The Fundamentals of Agile Practices

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