Live in-person instructors      Always guaranteed to run      Customizable objectives   

A Superior Software Training Service

Our private training classes provide a tailored training experience that our competitors’ generic public classes just can’t compete with. When you train with us you will:

  • Learn with a live instructor in the room with you
  • Choose the topics you focus on
  • Learn at your pace
  • Learn hands-on with the files you use every day
  • Get support to apply what you’ve learned to your job

The Value of Private Training

JN Software
Always live IN-PERSON training
Guaranteed to run
Learning guarantee
Free after training support
Classes that run often
Learn at your desk
Hands-on learning using your own files
Tailor the topics you'll focus on
Option to combine objectives/multiple levels
Learn at your own pace
Choose how, where and when you train
Train on your computer
Online Live Instructor-Led
Public Training

Private Training
Booked at your convenience
Can be custom to your needs
Booked at your convenience

Public Training

Live in-person trainers
Guaranteed to run
Free After Training Support
Available Dates
Train on your computer
Learn at your desk
Hands on learning using your own files
Tailor the topics you'll focus on
Option to combine objectives from multiple levels
Learn at your own pace
Choose how, where and when you train
JN Software
Flexible, Many Each Month
Limited, One or Less Each Month

Choose Your Class Type


Personal service where a trainer sits down with just you and focuses on the topics and files you work with every day.


Organize multiple users in your organization into group classes to maximize the value of your dollar.

Choose Your Program

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Choose Your Location

Training can take place in your boardroom or your company’s training lab. One-on-One sessions can take place right at your desk.
Looking for a third-party facility to host your training session? We can help you find the training lab that’s right for you.
Need to train individuals in small amounts or in distant locations? Screen sharing technology allows our trainers to deliver training right over the phone.

Choose Your Course Materials


Take the manual anywhere and save the environment with an electronic copy of your training manual for use on any of your computers or devices

Printed Manual

Purchase a printed paper manual for use during your class and future reference

Quick Reference Cards

Add reference cards to your session and receive durable, full-color reference cards with helpful hints and tips for use after your course is completed

Standard Manuals

Your manual will follow a standard course outline, but your class can still be tailored to focus on the subjects most important to you

Custom Manual

Purchase the customization option and receive a custom manual with objectives you’ve selected from our different courses

Tailor or Customize Your Course

  • Share details about your training needs so we can tailor your class
  • Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators
  • Select the objectives you would like to focus on or
  • Select objectives from any of our courses to create a custom outline
  • Submit files you would like to learn how to use during the class
  • Order custom manuals

Get Matched With the Best Trainer

We work with trainers who, like you, have real world experience doing jobs just like yours. They are consultants, business people and office workers who share their experience and expertise with you in a kind and effective manner. When you book a class we select from our pool of expert trainers and send the one we feel is just right for you. After each session we review their performance to ensure we are always providing the best training experience possible.

Apply What You’ve Learned

In Your Class
You can ask questions about how to apply what you are learning to your job.

Even use the files you work with every day as a part of the training.

After Your Training
In the following days continue to apply what you’ve learned to the files from your training. This is a great first step!

If you get stuck, don’t worry, our 30 days of free after training support gives you 24/7 access to expert trainers via phone, email and screen sharing. They can get you back on track.
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