WorkingSm@rt from Home

Course Length: 2 hours
Our world is changing. Success in a remote working environment requires individuals to use a shared set of communication, collaboration and planning processes and tools that are far more refined and defined than in a non-virtual workspace.

The ability to self-manage, quickly connect with colleagues, share information and collaborate on tasks has never been greater. Priority Management has a 40-year history of training and sees this transition as impactful on work processes and productivity as the launching of emails and networks in the 1980s. Let us help you and your teams find "A Better Way to Work".

Priority Management has launched a new program to develop the key skills for a remote workforce. "WorkingSm@rt from Home" is designed to support how to work effectively in a virtual environment. Offered in an interactive, 2 hour online web-shop.

  • 2 hour web-shop
  • 30 days of support through group coaching sessions
Tools Provided:
  • Best Practice Handout

Target Student:
Employees encouraged or mandated to work remotely. New or existing team members who are now collaborating and communicating more frequently with other peers in a remote workplace. Those interested in setting standards and processes of working virtually.

Course Outline:
Unit 1: Setting Up for Success
A look at what challenges virtual working creates and how to set yourself up for success - motivation, workspace, ergonomics, surroundings and interruptions

Unit 2: Making My Day Work
Taking a look at controlling daily stress and the fundamentals around managing your commitments, incoming communications, and tasks in a remote working world

Unit 3: Communicating With My Colleagues
How to communicate effectively in a virtual world and make virtual meetings work well

Unit 4: Building My Daily Plan
Mapping out your appointments and work commitments to manage change and stay focused

Delivered by Priority Management
WorkingSm@rt from Home

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Take from the comfort of your home. Join our Live Instructor via online screen sharing and either computer or phone audio.

This Course Comes With

Best Practice Handout

30 days of support through group coaching sessions

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